Revenue Cutter Cheerful 1806


English Revenue Cutter

Cheerful 1806

Ten 12 pound Carronades (gunades) and two 6 pound long guns

 A Plank on Bulkhead ship modeling project for the first time scratch builder.  Plans (1/4" scale) and accessories are available along with a monograph on how to build it.  This will be a fully rigged model.  As I finish each chapter of the monograph,  it will be made available here as a download for free.  More accessories will be coming as well as I get to that point of the prototype construction.   

The wood can be purchased on the Wood Project Source website.  Just download the wood materials list below before you visit their website. Wood list

Download the Monograph chapters below!!!

Introduction - wood list - Rope and Block listchapter one - chapter two - chapter three - chapter four  - chapter fivechapter six  

chapter seven - chapter eight - chapter nine - chapter ten -  chapter eleven - chapter twelve

Download the instructions for Cheerful's windlass mini-kit - CLICK HERE