HMS Winchelsea (1764) by Chuck Passaro


Scratch Building the 32 Gun Frigate Winchelsea (1764)

A plank - on - bulkhead project for the first-time scratch modeler

As most hobbyists become bored or unchallenged by building a ship model subject from a kit, they may summon the courage to try scratch building.  They soon find out that most of the guides, practicum and books available are provided for the very experienced POF scratch builder.  Having become used to the step-by-step instructions and pre-cut parts, going it entirely alone can be daunting. The aim of this book is to create a stepping stone for the first time scratch builder.  The subject will not be a tiny schooner or cutter which is typical.  It will be an accurate and detailed presentation of a quintessential Royal Navy frigate.  The main goal is to introduce you to new modeling techniques and the architectural elements of a frigate you wouldn't have had the opportunity to model while building a traditional mass produced kit.  In the end it should make it less daunting to make that leap into fully framed ship modeling. 

Modeling the frigate Winchelsea will be a future book published by Seawatch Books.  It will contain all of the plans (3/16" scale) to build and rig your model.  Syren Ship Model Company will offer some parts that you may opt not to build from scratch.  These include all of the carved decorations, turned brass cannon and gun carriages, deck beams and other hull features and fittings.  

The HMS Winchelsea project is currently underway and you can follow my progress as I build the Winchelsea prototype model.  Click here to follow that progress on