Scale Miniature rope for Rigging Ship Models


Scale Rigging Line for Ship Models

Syren Ship Model Company supplies miniature rope for rigging ship models.You will find many sizes available in Tan, Light Brown, Black and Dark Brown colors.   A tan rigging line for un-tarred rope and a black or dark brown for tarred rigging is shown in the photos. Scale rope is packaged in 20 foot lengths (6 meters).  

This rigging line will not unravel like other more expensive miniature rope for ship models such as Morope.   CLICK PHOTO BELOW LARGER IMAGE

The miniature scale rope is hand made on a rope walk and made from a linen - cotton Crochet thread.  Download this handy size chart to help you determine what sizes you might need.

Rope sold in 9 sizes and four colors.

We recommend that you only remove the rope from its package when you are ready to use it.   In fact its best to take each pack and carefully wrap it around a cardboard tube or wooden spool to prevent it from getting tangled.  The rope is carefully coiled when being packaged but can easily tangle if it isnt wound around a spool or tube just before use. 

Click on the color category below to see all of the sizes available for each color