Turned Brass Cannon for the Ship Modeler


Turned Brass Cannon for the Ship Model Enthusiast

These miniature brass cannon were CNC turned.  They were made for the use on 18th and early 19th century ship models.

Represented are a 24 pounder, 12 pounder and 6 pounder long gun in 3/16" scale.  Although specifically made to fit my HMS Winchelsea project (1764) and other projects,  they will also fit many popular ship model kits.  These include the Model Shipways Confederacy,  and Amati Victory Models Fly kits.  I also have swivel guns available.  These sizes will also fit the 1/4" scale swan class projects. 

To see if these ship model cannon will fit you model...download the attached PDF and check them against what your model requires. The plan can also be used to help you create an accurate gun carriage from the time period. Additional cannon sizes will be made available real soon.

Building a carriage for the long guns...a PDF tutorial. Laser cut basswood carriage parts are also available and can be found here.

cast cannons turned brass cannons
turned brass cannon for scratch ship models