Scale model deadeyes for ship model - Boxwood


Scale Boxwood Deadeyes and Specialty Rigging Blocks for the Ship Model Builder

Assemble them yourself and buy the kit 

These mini kits are simple to build.  They are made using the finest boxwood supplied by Wood Project Source. You will find the usual popular sizes.  These are a brand new item so visit this page often to check availability.  These are so much better than the typical deadeyes, fiddle blocks, open and closed hearts sold for ship models by other suppliers.  You wont find deadeyes like this anywhere else.

Check back often as we are just adding these slowly in a variety of sizes.  Please download the instructions if you are considering buying a kit.  They are fiddly little things but not difficult at all.  We also recommend using a block tumbler for some of the specialty blocks to give them the best shape and finish.  

Download the instructions here for Deadeye kits

Download the Instructions here for all of our other Specialty blocks including fiddle blocks, open hearts and closed hearts.

We laser cut everything in-house so if you dont see a size listed you need,  let us know and we can customize your order.   For example,  if you need 4.5 mm deadeyes we will resize the file and cut them especially for you.   We will do this for any of the laser cut mini-kits you see below.  Allow a few days extra for delivery...minimum order of $40 for all custom jobs.  Click here to send me an email about custom orders.